The joy of co-creation extends beyond the joy of procreation

Barbara Max Hubbard writes:

Women who are consciously evolving want to develop a new pattern of coequal co-creation with men – one that joins us together to deepen our essence, fulfilling more of both partners’ potential than is possible when we are separate.

It can be experienced spiritually as the impulse to express the divine within ourselves; and, it is expressed socially as the desire for a life purpose that contributes to the healing of the world.

This evolutionary sexuality starts to emerge when we seek intimate partners who love us for our initiative, our passion to create, rather than controlling, dominating, or even supporting us, and our children, on the material level. It is essential that these partners are receptive to our power. The relationship of whole being with whole being, beyond dominance or submission, is heralding the evolution of species itself.

Barbara Max Hubbard in The Marriage of Sex and Spirit

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